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Thanks for stopping by. :) We're glad that you joined us here. We're proud of this section of the website, as it's very difficult to find Care Bear pictures! (Ever noice how many websites have the pastel "copyrighted" sign posted? Someone made that, and wouldn't it be copyrighted by the artist?! :b

Use these pictures in your own projects and enjoy them! We hope that you'll find some pictures here that you didn't have before. Please link back if you use them on a website. Enjoy!!


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Note: If you feel that any of the pictures on these pages are of your own creation (i.e. you drew them, added text, etc.) and would like us to remove them, please e-mail us and let us know! We respect artist possession and received all of these pictures from locations that gave explict permission for use.  Click on the contact box below to e-mail us and make sure to include a brief description of the pictures so we'll know which one is being discussed. Thanks so much!


Updated September 23, 2002
**This site is for informational/collector purposes only and is in no way associated with American Greetings, Kenner. Care Bears is copyrighted and trademarked by those aforementioned companies, all rights reserved.**

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